For High Performing Professional Women

Build A Personal Brand You Can Profit From… In Just 30 Days

Step-by-step guidance to establish a powerful personal brand that gets you seen, heard and noticed as a Woman of Confidence.

Want to build a successful personal brand…
but have no idea where to start?

Get Brand Fit and become a Woman of Confidence!

This 30 day challenge is about nailing your Brand Basics, and developing the confidence to elevate your career by fully representing brand YOU!

Over 30 days I’ll take you through my methodology for building a powerful personal brand that amplifies your influence and impact. You’ll get my step-by-step guidance to create confidence and a growth mindset, and establish your personal brand using my 9-Step Brand Success Formula.

At the end of the challenge, you’ll walk away with absolute clarity over how you represent yourself professionally, both in person and online. Most importantly, you’ll walk away with the confidence to step into the spotlight as a leader in your field.

Hi there, It’s Suzie!

Hi, I’m Suzie Lightfoot, founder of Woman of Confidence. If you want more recognition and authority, but are worried about putting yourself out there… you’re not alone.

After helping 100’s fabulous women elevate their personal brand presence, I’ve noticed THREE areas that hold them back from the success they deserve…

A clear vision, A growth mindset And confidence!

I know firsthand how it feels! Even as a high-performance woman in business, there have been times when I struggled to stay motivated and inspired. It’s during these times that I can start losing direction, focus and question my value and worth!

This is the time to STOP, breathe and take control! Do something that will elevate your thought, test your passion and get you back on track to success as the confident kick ass leader you know you can be! Let me share with you my success rituals and real-life strategies for getting the bulletproof confidence and clarity to become an unstoppable leader and influencer in your field.

So are you ready to step into your confidence and power as a woman in business?

Then let’s shift – your focus move your lens – and unlock the power of YOU! Together we will lay your foundations for a strong, powerful and authentic personal brand.

Elevate your life and career to the next level and live and lead at your potential!

The 30-Day Challenge is the closest thing to having Suzie as your Personal Brand Coach

These days, a strong personal brand is not a ‘nice to have’… it’s a MUST for high performing women who are serious about advancing their careers.

In this intensive challenge, you’ll establish the foundations for your personal brand…
and gain the confidence to go for it!

In 30-Days you will be walked through the steps to elevate your:


Unlock a success and growth mindset that will elevate your brand presence, energy and confidence


Gain clarity around your brand identity and what makes you truly unique


Shape your brand voice, key messages and develop a compelling pitch


Choose your online platforms and craft your brand basics to grow your impact and influence


Stand out from your competitors to gain the recognition, authority and success you deserve and desire

Inside You Will Find

Each week you’ll receive highly actionable activities that harness the secrets of PR, psychology and influence to help you craft your brand. Suzie uses these ‘secrets’ with her 1:1 clients to help them build unstoppable personal brands that amplify their impact and income!

Step into your Confidence

All successful leaders have one thing in common: a growth mindset. This week is about developing the confidence and mindset you need to stop holding yourself back and claim your place as a leader in your field.

  • Create new success rituals
  • Gain clarity around your big ‘picture’
  • Develop the growth mindset needed to level-up your career
  • Identify the blocks and challenges that hold you back
  • Create a rock-solid strategy to avoid self sabotage

Be Seen - Clarity & Purpose

It only takes a few seconds for other to categorise you as someone to remember or someone to forget. Who are you? What do you stand for? How do you want others to perceive you? Defining these is the first step to positively influencing how

  • Identify your core values and beliefs
  • Create your band persona (Suzie’s Brand Archetype worksheet will help you)
  • Build your memorable and authentic backstory
  • Know your niche and what’s important to them
  • Craft your solution-focused value proposition

Be Heard- Find Your Voice

Now you’re clear on your Brand Values + Story, it’s time to develop your communication strategy. Suzie will show you the secret components of bullet-proof communication that gets you heard by people you want to impress!

  • Craft your leadership voice
  • Create your own original thought leadership insights
  • Build your bio and stand-out visual brand
  • Set your strategy for positioning and establishing your authority
  • Incorporate the 6 components of a perfect pitch into an unforgettable message

Be Noticed - Bringing It All Together

If you don’t have an online presence, you may as well be invisible. This week is about establishing a digital footprint with the foundations of your new personal brand. Dont’ worry if you’re not tech-savvy – Suzie will walk you through!

  • Choose your online platforms and setup your accounts
  • Configure your online channels with your brand voice + story
  • Create your visual brand assets (no graphic designer needed!)
  • Set your thought leadership communication schedule
  • Build your network the right way (avoiding the mistakes most people make)

PLUS COMPLETE YOUR OWN PERSONAL BRAND ID STYLE GUIDE and in just 30 days youll have set the foundations of a powerful personal brand you can profit from. Each week youll receive worksheets and tools to help you

Live Coaching Session with Suzie!

Join in for a live coaching session with Suzie to keep you motivated, inspired and focused on building your confidence as a leader. Ask Suzie questions and be a part of global community who all share the same interests, struggles and ambition to be a Woman of Confidence.

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If you’re a woman who wants to be seen, be heard and be noticed for who you are and the value you bring to the table, then you must invest in the best project you’ll ever work on – YOU!

The foundational work you’ll do is something Suzie’s clients pay $1000s for. You’ll be walked through the exact framework Suzie takes her client when she helps them lay the foundations of their new personal brand.

This is the only way to get to Suzie’s guidance without spending $1,000s.

It’s the closest thing to having Suzie as your personal branding coach
All it takes is an hour a day to get Brand Fit!

“Being authentic is the best way to cut through the noise! I have been a successful business coach of Leisure Seekers for many years, but I have stood behind my company brand. After hearing Suzie speak at a conference I was also presenting at, I was inspired to unlock ‘brand Kate Osborne!’ to develop an empowering and authentic personal brand both online and off! At the time I was very nervous about putting myself ‘out there’, however Suzie made the process fluid and fun, leading me to gain greater clarity about my vision, passion, greater purpose and what is truly important to me and my personal brand. My image make-over, personal shopping experience, and branding photoshoot was a highlight for me, and developing my website and logo all came together by my deadline and I am so proud of the results. My confidence has improved by working with Suzie and I am looking forward to a bright future ahead. Thanks, Suzie!”

Kate Osborne,
Business Coach, Leisure Seeker

“I am a firm believer in the lasting value of ongoing personal development. Part of my role is to provide avenues for our growing team to grasp opportunities to add value to the business as well as for their personal fulfilment. Suzie helped deliver these benefits and more through her workshop with the team, and in particular through one-on-one coaching. By understanding our company’s values and helping individuals to articulate their own, we saw noticeable upticks in the general strength of self-belief of those individuals who engaged in Suzie’s coaching, which translated into an uptick in the strength and quality of interactions both with colleagues and importantly, with clients. Three months into the journey with Suzie we had real traction: personal presentation, a renewed and confident sense of style and a genuine sense of self, convinced me that the benefits of Suzie’s coaching to each individual are real and lasting. A very worthwhile investment in personnel growth.”

Rosemary de Lambert
Director, Powerhouse Group

“As a creative and a problem solver, clarity of purpose while building a picture of an environment that has not yet been realised demands communication and presentations skills that don’t always come easily. The value of a coach like Suzie can’t be underestimated. Providing the knowledge and tools to master skills and elements ranging from personal presentation to building and cultivating a more meaningful online presence was just part of the story. The rest is there for each one of us to write as we harness what we’ve learned and continue to weave it into the fabric of our authentic but professional personas. It’s enlightening, personal, highly valuable and sets you on unexpected paths as confidence, outlook and self-belief grow at work and throughout life in general. I am very pleased that I had the chance to work with Suzie and wholeheartedly recommend her workshops and programmes to anyone that wants to achieve more”

Taren Hura
Interior Designer