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Suzie Lightfoot - Woman of Confidence

Inspiring Women Speak with Suzie Lightfoot: Karen Phillips

Karen Phillips’s greatest joy is helping pave the way for a new generation of female leaders to better be seen, be heard and be noticed!Personally, I have known Karen for some years, yet there are still many things I don’t know about Karen! I sat down with her for this month’s Inspiring Women Speak to discover more about how she views the world, what drives her and her words of wisdom! […]

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Leanne St George _Suzie Lightfoot Woman of Influence Blog

Inspiring Women Speak with Suzie Lightfoot : Leanne St George

Leanne St George is a woman that you rarely forget after you meet her.  She is dynamic, engaging, fun and fit!  The type of woman in business that makes an impact on you.  She has been a driving force in media and events in Queensland for the past 26 years, enduring the triumphs and challenges of running one of Australia’s leading boutique PR and event companies. […]

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MIchelle Farqhuar _Suzie Lightfoot _Woman Of Influence Blog2

Inspiring Women Speak with Suzie Lightfoot: Michelle Farquhar

Michelle is this months ‘Inspiring Woman Speaks!’  I asked her a few questions to gain some insights into Michelle’s beliefs around leadership, her goals for 2019 and working in male-dominated industries.  Here is what she said! […]

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Lisa Newman _Woman Of Influence -Suzie Lightfoot Blog

Inspiring Women Speak with Suzie Lightfoot : Lisa Newman

When you are introduced to Lisa Newman the first thing you realise is that this is one bold, bright and beautiful woman!  There is no getting around it, Lisa Newman is a force!  She is one of those people who commands attention when she walks into a room … and I mean she owns it!  […]

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Peta Credlin

Peta Credlin, “I’m Just A Country Girl At Heart’.

For those of you who have had the pleasure of meeting the remarkable Peta Credlin, you can vouch for the fact, […]

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