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Hi I'm Suzie Lightfoot!

Hi I’m Suzie Lightfoot !

Hi, I’m Suzie Lightfoot. I am a personal brand coach and corporate image consultant. I am in the business of helping professional women unlock their full potential. To truly shine in both life and business, by crafting powerful personal brands and professional profiles they can profit from. I’m on a mission to prove to older professional women, that age is no barrier to career success! […]

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Why Failure is Not the End, It's Just the Beginning!

Why Failure is Not the End, It’s Just the Beginning! Refresh. Reboot. Power On!

I think it’s safe to say we have all suffered setbacks in both life and business in one way or another!

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Passion. Energy. Vision. Determination. Success. Why your time is NOW!

Have you ever felt like changing things up in your life? Getting ‘out there’ and really giving it a […]

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