Suzie Lightfoot is the ultimate unflappable pro, she can handle any ‘off script’ situation with her trademark grace and humour. Live TV? No sweat. Broken mike? Not a drama.

As a speaker, Suzie Lightfoot is renowned for being bold, inspiring and striking a chord with any audience. Drawing on her own varied experience in the public eye as an elite athlete, top model, public figure and businesswoman, Suzie provides easy-to-implement, incredibly effective strategies and techniques for professional women to reboot their brand, self-package with style and super-charge their careers.

Suzie is also a veteran presenter who has served as MC and compere for some of Queensland’s biggest fashion and community events, including the Stefan Hair Awards and Queensland’s Young Achiever Awards.


Time to Be Seen, Be Heard & Be Noticed


“In the digital age a brand is so much more than just a logo, it’s vital women in their business and careers create a personal image and professional reputation that gets them noticed in all the right ways.”
Suzie explains why, as women mature, the importance of keeping a refreshed and relevant personal brand is vital to continued
success and can help professional women have more choices, more opportunities and become more financially secure.

“Women today can work in any environment and be whatever they want simply by creating their foundation of a personal brand and then leveraging from that.”

Test Your Passions


Drawing on lessons learned as an elite athlete at the Australian Institute of Sport, Suzie give tips on overcoming adversity and shares strategies she has learned as an elite athlete. Suzie intimate, spirited and revealing keynote showcases a number of inspirational stories from her life, touching on her brushes with depression, workplace bullying and sexual harassment at a time when the top model’s life and image appeared perfect from the outside. She explains how every panful experience, challenge or moment of adversity can give you an elevation of thought and test your passion.

Suzie believes that adversity can make you evolve and can be considered a gift for growth. “Interpreting your experiences with adversity and failure can be an exciting way to change your future.” She says.






Suzie has partnered with hundreds of professional women, industry leaders and entrepreneurs, where she learned the foundations for creating powerful and influential personal brands.

  • "Being authentic is the best way to cut through the noise! I have been a successful business coach of Leisure Seekers for many years, but I have stood behind my company brand. After hearing Suzie speak at a conference I was also presenting at, I was inspired to unlock ‘brand Kate Osborne!’ to develop an empowering and authentic personal brand both online and off! At the time I was very nervous about putting myself ‘out there’, however Suzie made the process fluid and fun, leading me to gain greater clarity about my vision, passion, greater purpose and what is truly important to me and my personal brand. My image make-over, personal shopping experience, and branding photoshoot was a highlight for me, and developing my website and logo all came together by my deadline and I am so proud of the results. My confidence has improved by working with Suzie and I am looking forward to a bright future ahead. Thanks, Suzie!"

    Kate Osborne – (Business Coach, Leisure Seekers)

  • "As a creative and a problem solver, clarity of purpose while building a picture of an environment that has not yet been realised demands communication and presentations skills that don’t always come easily. The value of a coach like Suzie can’t be underestimated. Providing the knowledge and tools to master skills and elements ranging from personal presentation to building and cultivating a more meaningful online presence was just part of the story. The rest is there for each one of us to write as we harness what we’ve learned and continue to weave it into the fabric of our authentic but professional personas. It’s enlightening, personal, highly valuable and sets you on unexpected paths as confidence, outlook and self-belief grow at work and throughout life in general. I am very pleased that I had the chance to work with Suzie and wholeheartedly recommend her workshops and programmes to anyone that wants to achieve more."

    Taren Hura – (Interior Designer)

  • "I am a firm believer in the lasting value of ongoing personal development. Part of my role is to provide avenues for our growing team to grasp opportunities to add value to the business as well as for their personal fulfilment. Suzie helped deliver these benefits and more through her workshop with the team, and in particular through one-on-one coaching. By understanding our company’s values and helping individuals to articulate their own, we saw noticeable upticks in the general strength of self-belief of those individuals who engaged in Suzie's coaching, which translated into an uptick in the strength and quality of interactions both with colleagues and importantly, with clients. Three months into the journey with Suzie we had real traction: personal presentation, a renewed and confident sense of style and a genuine sense of self, convinced me that the benefits of Suzie's coaching to each individual are real and lasting. A very worthwhile investment in personnel growth."

    Rosemary de Lambert – (Director, Powerhouse Group)

  • "Support during a development journey is incredibly valuable and I believe it contributes to overall success. During my programme of one-to-one mentor sessions with Suzie, I found her tremendously supportive as we navigated our way to a point where I felt more confident and self-assured. Suzie’s coaching style is very motivating, inspiring and ultimately brought out the best in me. The journey required honesty and trust on both sides. Suzie rewarded my trust and effort by spending a lot of time understanding me as an individual, helping to become more self-aware and readier to grow and achieve more. The results have been very gratifying as I continue to receive incredible feedback from peers around how I present ideas and contribute as well as how I carry myself. Suzie is an energetic, motivating force and her follow-up is very reassuring. I’m very glad that I did this (6 month one to one coaching programme) and would recommend it to anyone who aims to be their best every day."

    Erica Georgis – (Senior Interior Designer, Workplace Design Specialist)

  • "Suzie has been my personal coach for 18 months and during this time, my vision has been brought to life. Suzie leaves no stone unturned and gives her all with her personalised coaching sessions. It was these sessions and the program I undertook that resulted in developing my own unique brand that has given me clarity and confidence! In addition to the one on one sessions, Suzie hosted a number of workshops with women in business where she shares her invaluable experiences and insights that have made an immeasurable difference. Thank you, Suzie, you have made such a difference not only to my life but many others."

    Maria Karatzis – (Pet Friendly Travel Agent & Advocate, A Voice for Dogs)

  • "When I first contacted Suzie, I was lost, confused and not entirely sure what my brand was. From our first interaction I knew that Suzie was a powerhouse that had perfected her craft. Suzie is masterful, thought provoking, dedicated. Through Suzie’s branding program, I was able to explore my passion, develop my brand purpose, develop my visual brand style guide and have the confidence to resign from a 23yr career in order to launch my own business. Suzie’s no-nonsense approach ensured I knew the steps I needed to take to be seen, be heard and be noticed. Suzie kept me on track and on brand. Suzie has been extremely compassionate through my journey, ensuring I felt supported at all times. I am grateful and appreciative of Suzie and all that she represents as a coach and as a leading woman in business. I feel honoured to call her my friend. Thanks Suzie!!"

    Nichol Stark – (Coach, Mentor – The FemeTech Revolution)

  • "I have been privileged to have Suzie as my mentor and coach to help me craft my personal brand. Suzie a no BS type of lady, which is exactly what I need, she doesn’t fluff around any issues and tells me straight so that I can thrive and grow. Suzie has challenged my thinking and empowered me to be vulnerable so that I can dig deep and expose my true personal brand. Suzie has a vision and direction for my personal brand and messaging that I would not have been able to access without her skills."

    Caralee Fontenele – (The Healthy Divorce Lawyer)

  • "We had Suzie present on personal branding at a recent staff training day which far exceeded our expectations! Suzie covered so much great content and took the time to genuinely get to know our team and draw our their needs and personal and professional values in a thoughtful way to reach their individual objectives. It has started a conversation that we will continue as a team with lots of great concepts and suggestions coming out of the session. Thank you Suzie. I highly recommend businesses big and small to have Suzie speak to their teams and show how much you value your team through relevant and valuable content delivered in a very thoughtful, dynamic and authentic manner by Suzie. Thanks Suzie!"

    Hilary Knights – (Digital Marketing Professional)

  • "Suzie spent an afternoon with our team running a workshop on personal branding and how one's individual values link to the company values to create an awesome empowered work place. I can't say enough how inspiring the session was and how we all benefited both as individuals and for our business. I would recommend Suzie's workshops to any size of business or team as she identifies how each individual truly impacts the collective agreement and value system. Outsource2us is empowered to kick butt in 2018, so thank you Suzie Lightfoot!"

    Jane Toohey – (Director, Outsource2Us)

  • "Helping other women to be confident and comfortable in their skin is at the core of my business.  So it's important to me to represent these values in my own persona, image and personal brand. Working with Suzie to refresh my executive image and reboot my brand was an empowering experience. Suzie knows how to tap into your vision and bring out the best in you."  

    Irena Morgenstern – (IMSkin Management)