If you’re SERIOUS about growing your PERSONAL BRAND and business value, then let’s get talking…. Here’s how it works:

Step 1:  Complete The Brand Strength Test.

Complete my Brand Strength Test, an exclusive 60-question online diagnostic tool, that’s designed to give you a quick snap shot of your ability to influence others, build business and maximize your life and career opportunities. Please note: you need to save your test results on your hard drive and then email them to me (suzie@suzielightfoot.com) prior to our strategy session so I can prepare for our session together.


Step 2:  Book A FREE Discovery Session.

Have further questions?  Need some feedback and wish to review your report with a Personal Brand Expert and Coach? You are welcome to book a FREE 30-minute discovery session with me by clicking on the Appointment Scheduler below. We meet up online (via Skype, FaceTime or the good old telephone) and I conduct a complete Review of your Brand Strength Test to give you clear insight on your current brand position, how you can maximise and leverage from your Brands strengths and how you can improve on your Brands weaknesses.

Step 3:  Get SERIOUS About Your SUCCESS!

If you are serious about developing a Personal Brand and Public Profile you can profit from, book in with me for a 90 minute Personal Brand Strategy and 1 on 1 Coaching Session with me.  I will spend time reviewing your Personal Brand current status, identifying your goals and vision for the future and offer you real-life practical strategies that will help you develop a successful and profitable personal brand to empower you and position you as a leader in your niche market or industry. You can then start creating and implementing these strategies and tasks yourself or I can guide you through the complete creation of your new profitable public profile.

Step 4:  Where To From Here?

If after our strategy session, you’d like to continue working with me, I have a series of packages available, depending on your needs: everything from, personalized 1 on 1 coaching programs, workshops for your team or organization, training and mentoring.