How to Get the Most Out of Your Personal Brand On Facebook.

Have you been using Facebook for your business or to build your personal brand, but don’t seem to be getting the engagement or traction you desire?  Would you like to know how to get the most out of your personal brand on Facebook, and increase your levels of engagement and connection with your customers and clients? Most professionals are aware that […]

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Motivation, Leadership

Why It’s OK To Disrupt Your Life!

Nobody really wakes up in the morning and says “I want to DISRUPT my life!” But, most people DO want to avoid going through their day feeling invisible, undervalued and insecure about their future. So here’s the truth. Making conscious decisions to disrupt your life and your patterns of behaviour, can be a brilliant way […]

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authenticity -personal branding

What Does it Mean To Your Personal Brand To Be Authentic?

Are you authentic?  Authenticity is a fascinating subject in today’s professional landscape, and it’s the new buzz word.  In fact, you can Google search just about any topic or industry, simply by punching in the keyword ‘authentic.’  Try it. You will discover everything from authentic education, authentic services, authentic leadership, authentic personal branding, authentic happiness […]

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Personal Branding - Why your story story matters

Personal Branding – Why Your Story Matters.

Do you ever look back at moments in your life and wonder how on earth you managed to be so fearless in your pursuit for success? Yet as we mature putting yourself ‘out there’ can be really scary! Somehow we lose this wonderful feeling of empowerment and fearlessness, instead feeling more invisible than invincible! It […]

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