Personal Branding Mentor, Thought Leader, Advisor & Media Personality, Key Note Speaker

Let me just start by saying, I love being a woman, and I love what I do!
However, everyone knows that being a woman in business doesn't come without its challenges!

I’ve enjoyed success as a model, media personality, brand ambassador and businesswomen and for the past 25 years,
I’ve worked with industry leaders in media, PR, marketing and brand leadership. I’ve also worked with some of the biggest names in fashion,
learning first-hand how a simple piece of fabric can empower a person and alter people’s perceptions.

But it hasn’t always been a smooth road to success. As a single mum and business woman for over 20 years, I have certainly experienced
extreme highs and terrible lows,including two broken marriages, brushes with depression, workplace bullying and sexual harassment at a time when my life and ‘public’ image appeared perfect from the outside.
These experiences, although so painful, emotionally exhausting and challenging at the time, ultimately laid the foundations for my new business and success I have achieved today.

For me, my biggest aha moment was when I turned 50. After fighting back from years of feeling invisible and insecure, I finally got the courage to quit my job and back myself in a new business! I had found a niche that I deeply connected and resonated with. Helping other professional women turn their life experiences into powerful personal brands so that they have more choices, attract more opportunities and can be more financially secure.
It’s a role that I love, I am passionate about, and is a natural extension of who I am and all that I’ve accomplished in my career.


My Sporting Career

“Sport was where my career began – first as a competitive gymnast and then as an elite 10-meter platform diver at the Australian Institute of Sport.

“The skills that helped me win medals as well as overcome challenges, fear and failure are the same ones I pass on to other professional women to help them achieve extraordinary goals.”

The Fashion Years

“When I was at my peak as an athlete, a freak training accident shattered my dream to make it to the Olympic Games.   Despite the disappointment, I was young, invincible and optimistic.  Following a chance meeting with a talent scout, I joined one of Australia’s leading modelling agencies, where I ran into my childhood sweetheart who was on his own path to become a successful Australian fashion designer. I was soon swept up into the glamourous world of fashion, celebrities and corporate jet setters.


“I soon figured out how to forge relationships with clients, approach new ones, get referrals and most importantly: how to get over the fear of rejection.”

Brand “Suzie” Develops

“My transition into a being presenter and public figure was a gradual progression from modelling. My first big break was being the Brand Ambassador for Coles Myer in Queensland.   This was  where I really learned the value of image management and leveraging from my own personal brand.  Developing brand ’Suzie’ enabled me to flourish as a presenter, fashion columnist, media personality and fashion commentator.

“I was able to leverage my personal brand reputation into TV gigs and corporate ambassadorships – including a long-term contract as the face and voice of Coles Myer Queensland.”

The Entrepreneurial Years

These years saw me launching my own media and PR firm. In less than two years, I built a reputation as the go-to girl for masterminding glamorous launches and events, winning the 2005 PRIA National Golden Target Award and the Fairfax Media Award for a series of property lifestyle supplements.

“My greatest achievements as an entrepreneur come when I find connection between my passions, thoughts and beliefs. This is when I feel I am the most empowered and confident . You will be too!”


90% of being visible and courageous is mindset. Empowering women through personal branding is a massive passion of Suzie’s,
and she brings her years of experience, elite athlete’s focus and dedication to the task.

It’s amazing how being in charge of your personal brand can make you feel more valuable, visible and courageous.

When we’re young, we naturally feel invincible, but that can fade as we age.  We find that we no longer fit into the ‘square’ we are in and we have a growing fear for
financial security.  That’s why we need to embrace personal branding – to re-energise ourselves and reclaim that feeling of invincibility and drive for success!

I believe it is never too late to take your career to the next level, become an entrepreneur or intrapreneur within an organization.  What will your 2nd, 3rd or 4th act hold?
My job is to help you see what’s possible for YOU and how to package yourself so you can achieve these new ‘act’s’ of your life.

The time is now to take control of your future!  Let me help you to achieve the greater success you deserve and desire.