And learn what it means for YOU.


Over your image?
Ready to take your career to the next level, but feeling more ‘invisible’ than ‘invincible’ these days?
Looking for financial security but your uncertainty is holding you back in business and life?

In this new age economy, the importance of having a refreshed and relevant personal brand becomes essential to your continued success.

The more you advance in your career, the more your reputation matters, so it’s vital to create a personal image and professional reputation
that gets you noticed in all the right ways.

Suzie Lightfoot can help.


The future is ahead of you. Success is a choice. You can be whatever you want to be, in The Age of Influence.
Here’s how I can help you achieve your new role as a leader.

Personal Brand Coaching,
Workshops, Masterclass Series

Suzie Lightfoot’s coaching can help you maximise your professional opportunities. Services for all professional women to define your brand, enhance your image and performance and get you noticed!


 Learn the Art of Personal Branding and Self-Marketing with Suzie’s powerful Online Masterclass delivered in a private online
membership area.  She will show you how to be a master of your own destiny.

Keynote Speaker,
Conference Presentations

Suzie Lightfoot is a bold and inspiring speaker. Suzie strikes a chord with any audience and provides stimulating topics for professional women to reboot their brand with style.



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Suzie Lightfoot is a Mother, Business owner, Media Personality, Fashion Identity, Key Note Speaker, Personal Brand Expert,
who understands the complexities of what it takes to make it to the top as a professional woman in her 40’s.

After 25 years in the corporate world as a business owner, brand ambassador, international top model and professional athlete, Suzie has the real-life ‘know how’ to help other professional women package themselves to get to the top.

Suzie creates high performance Personal Brands for professional women and entrepreneurs who are ready to scale their business and position themselves as leaders in both life and business, so they have more choices, more opportunities and more financial security.

Want to learn how to Be Seen, Be Heard and Be Noticed?


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Suzie has partnered with hundreds of professional women, industry leaders and entrepreneurs, where she learned the foundations for creating powerful and influential personal brands.

  • "Suzie Lightfoot was unbelievable. Suzie is super authentic and her presentation on the art of Personal Branding helps you to unpack your own authenticity so that you can grow your brand, influence and reputation as a woman in business." (Women Leading Business Networking Forum, 2017)

    Andrew Pennisi – (COO Russo Business School)

  • "Suzie provides a wake-up call about the importance of branding. Suzie, deservedly, gains the respect of her clients for a professional approach coupled with a personal touch. She has an engaging presentation style and offers quality advice to help both individuals and companies excel in their journey to enhance their brand profile."

    Mitchell Murphy – (Commercial & Marketing Director, Gadens)

  • "Executive Elite had the pleasure of Suzie Lightfoot presenting to our business group Personal branding. Suzie was immaculate in her trademark Red, a perfect example of how your personal brand can resonate without saying a word! We were treated to great insight on how we can build our business and how our communication needs to be consistent through all mediums. A great take out for me was if I don't decide how my personal brand is going to be, others will do it for me."

    Jaeneen Cunningham – (Executive Elite & Equity Lend)

  • Suzie presented her Personal Branding Masterclass at our Leading Women Business Networking group event in April. Suzie's personal and professional story is what sets her apart from other Personal Branding Experts.  Suzie not only shares her craft of Personal Branding, she talks about how she has re-engineered herself from being a top model in Australia, when her life was like diamonds, to how it all came crashing down, and how she was able to pick herself up and constantly re-invent herself throughout her life and career, building a brand and reputation that people trust and admire. "

    Sarina Russo – (Founding & Managing Director Russo Group)

  • "Suzie was so great! Her energy and enthusiasm for being your best is contagious and inspiring. I gained so much from it and feel like it was a real gift to hear her speak." (Leading Women Business Masterclass, 2017)

    Kathryn O’Connor (Lead Family Succession Coach)

  • "Suzie has an amazing message to share about Personal Branding and reminds you that its ok to have failures in your life, as those failures can lead to your greatest successes.  Suzie has enabled me to walk away being empowered and inspired to grow my brand by what she has shared. If you get the chance to hear Suzie speak or engage her services, my advice is to just do it!"

    Alison McGrath – (Managing Partner Business Dimensions HQ)

  • “Suzie epitomises that classic quote “be so good they can’t ignore you”! For all the years and situations I’ve had the pleasure of working with Suzie, she has always projected confidence and capability; valuable qualities for any woman who strives to make a mark in this world. Suzie is more than just beautiful, she is skilled in her craft and believes in the value of what she is doing. If you need to build your career, network or self-worth, invest in a style icon whose authenticity is beyond reproach.”

    Liliana Montague (Executive Manager – Corporate Strategy & Organisational Development Spinal Life Australia)

  • “There are people who “pretend” to be social media & brand experts, often with only 1 or 2 years’ experience, and then there is the “real deal” Suzie Lightfoot. As an expert in SEO and Google AdWords I seek Suzie’s advice for all things social! She is a legend in building powerful and successful audiences on Facebook, Google +, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter. This is the “expert” you want on your team. So, if you want leverage the social media platforms for your brand or business, see if you can get Suzie to “mentor” your efforts”.

    Monte Huebsch (CEO at AussieWeb)

  • “Engaging, supportive, determined, interesting, glamorous, strong, honest and intelligent. This is the Suzie I have known for over 25 years. She walks the walk and talks the talk, a straight shooter who will take you to where you need to go.”

    Jodie Bache-Mclean (Director June Dally-Watkins Education & Training)

  • "Suzie has given me invaluable strategies and frameworks on developing my personal brand and she really resonates why it is so important in business and particularly to empower yourself as a woman, to be authentic, to be bold, to be brave and to be comfortable in your own skin."

    D’Neale Prosser – (Human Resources Manager IKEA)